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Computer Repair Services in Reno
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We repair Microsoft based PCs, Apple Macintosh, Printers, Networks, Perform Data Recovery, and speed up slow computers. Wether the computer is at the office or home we have you covered.    

Computer Repair Services in Reno

Computers are a vital part of our lives. Some of our most precious information lives within them. From photos and videos to sensitive personal and business data. Smart Computing is about more than Computer Repair we are about using low or no cost solutions that keep you safe and happy for less -- That is Smart Computer Care.

Smart Computer Care is a local company that exists to make sure that computing is safe and easy. We believe that when a person needs help with their computer they should get it in a fast, friendly and professional manner and it shouldn't cost a lot! 

We are certified with Microsoft and Cisco. This means we can repair your hardware or software quickly and by the book.

We work on PCs and Macintosh. We sell and setup New and Used equipment and we do it Smarter.

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What does it mean to do it Smarter? In other words what makes us so smart? Years of experience with computers and people. We love them both. We like to think our Smart Car makes us a little smarter too. Every day we send our little Smart Car to you and a bunch of other people, that uses less fuel and pollutes less than a bunch of people coming to us. When we come to you we see the whole picture and fix the whole problem. You could just learn a little about your computer in the process too. That makes us and you smarter.

So, Relax...

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